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Since 1992, the year the company was founded, we have unwaveringly maintained our spirit of work, service and respect for the environment.
We are committed to advising and looking after our farmers; this is the basic philosophy of our company and the prerequisite for being able to offer our customers the highest quality and the safety guarantees today’s markets demand.

We are partners and collaborators of the marketing company ICA Export Import s.l.
Up till now we have mainly specialised in peppers, but in the not too distant future we are planning to expand our range to include tomatoes, courgettes and aubergines.
We have 35 hectares, including our own production and our associated farmers. We employ an average of 40 people for handling during the campaign.
Our facilities, located 1 km from the Albufera de Adra (a nature reserve since 28 July 1989), have a packaging area of approximately 3,500 m2, of which 300 m2 are devoted to cold storage.

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